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23 July 2009

Pack up your seasonal clothes with “The Box”

The Dubai Summers are extremely hot and humid, when temperatures can reach as high as 48°C and humidity levels soars to 80-90%. The winters also cold enough to precipitate the mildly falling rains if any. The storage of seasonal clothes is a task that requires more attention than thought of. With a smart storage company like The Box, even this too gets easier.
Our clothing styles are altered according to the changes in weather. The summer clothes are light and simple ones with bright colours. In winter we have sweaters, gloves and jackets to keep us warm. This famous emirate is also a land where space for residential and commercial purposes is very difficult to get. It’s in these situations that a storage company comes in handy. As a part of our personal storage facility, our customers get the chance to store their seasonal clothes too. We understand the atmosphere and the temperature required to store the seasonal clothes. The storage area should be clean, cool, dark, and dry so that the clothes are well protected and useable the next season too. We at “the box” offer you exactly this to safe guard your clothes. Our well climate controlled environment takes care of all your storage.

You can check the list of services we provide at “The Box”.
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