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2 September 2009

Do I need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate varies from country to country and within the country itself. These climatic conditions can easily destroy your belongings. Most household items do not require a climate controlled storage facility in Dubai. But there are many items like electronic goods, cloth, upholstery, artwork, books, paintings, wooden furniture and paper documents that invariably require climate controlled storage units. Excessive humidity or dryness could ruin these items severely.
Before signing up with a storage company in UAE, you need to inspect the interior and exterior structure of the facility. Leakages, holes in the roof, etc. can spoil items that need to be kept away from water and sunlight. Paper documents fade and can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. Thus a lot of people also make use of document storage in Dubai. Apart from water and light damaging goods directly, these elements can also give rise to a variety of biological contaminants like bacteria, dust mites, mildew, viruses and molds. Thus, these 2 elements can also affect your goods indirectly, causing a heap of problems simultaneously. Storing your goods in a climate controlled unit can save your belongings from encountering direct and indirect spoilage caused by the elements. It can prevent your goods from damaging aspects like musty odors, paper rot and wood degradation. There’s no doubt that these units are expensive, but they are worth the expenditure when it comes to long term storage.
Our Dubai storage company The Box, provides all round storage solutions in UAE. You can keep your seasonal goods, personal possessions and documents safe under a climate controlled environment at our facility. Call us or visit our website to book your space at The Box.

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