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29 September 2009

Self Storage for Students

Plenty of students in Dubai travel abroad for educational purposes. When they stay there for around 2-3 years they land up gathering a huge amount of stuff that they usually never want to part with. Storing many boxes full of their items takes up a lot of space once they return home. Thus the only best option that remains once they return, is storing all their stuff in a storage facility in Dubai.

Students are really lucky in terms of storage as they can avail of the many discounts that these facilities offer. The discounts are offered mainly because there is a huge demand for storage space by students in UAE. Dubai storage companies also place these discounts in order to win the battle with their fellow competitors. But the good news is ultimately for the student.
These storage units also come of many different sizes. So if you have many boxes of books or sports equipment you can make use of an 8 sq. feet unit. If you have the previously mentioned items along with a computer, clothes or even a hobby collection you can find a bigger unit to suit your requirements.
A storage unit can keep your items safe, till you decide to take them back home.

Many think of our storage company (The Box) as not only a storage facility, but also as a much-needed extension of their home as well. Consult our experts at The Box to find out which storage unit size will serve you best.

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