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1 September 2009

Storage Security

The safety of your belongings is very important. Therefore, before signing a contract with a storage facility in Dubai, make sure it has all the safety features mentioned in this blog and of those you have heard of from other sources.
First things first… check the kind of lock used by the company for securing your unit. Make sure that quality locks have always been used, and not inexpensive ones. Thus the Dubai storage company you choose should not only be concerned about the huge security issues, but must also take tiny details like these into consideration. Normally, all storage facilities in Dubai are surrounded by high walls. The facility is also built on a rise, with good materials and tough roofs. These measures are taken for security purposes as well as for protecting your belongings from harsh weather. Pests are also kept at bay with the help of the right environmental conditions created for the preservation of your goods. Other security measures that are commonly present in a storage company are motion lights and security guards. Security normally comes with a huge price tag. This can be a slight problem for some. But for others, satisfaction and peace of mind is priceless. Such people benefit the most from associating with a good storage company in UAE that makes security its primary preference.
The Box, our storage solution in Dubai provides all the above mentioned facilities. Along with these security measures we also use exceptional security systems throughout the facility like 24 hour CCTV surveillance and infrared recording. We also keep visitor access logs updated. Very few storage companies use such measures. Visit our Dubai website for more details on the security measures taken by The Box.
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