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29 September 2009

Understanding Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities are basically businesses that offer property divided into small spaces or units, leased to customers for a specific period of time. The customer is the one in control of the particular storage unit they have rented out. Some storage facilities in Dubai also agree to manage your storage space on your behalf.
Storage spaces have proven to be economical for many reasons; to different people and businesses. Unlike traditional storage methods, a self storage facility in UAE is perfect for all your household items, valuables, documents, furniture, tools and vehicles too. For items that need special care, climate controlled facilities are also available. When storing an item in a good storage company, the size of the item generally does not matter, as these units can hold items as big as a boat.
When you make use of a storage facility you make sure that the items that were once cluttering your office / home or kept under unfavourable conditions, are now safe and secure. Most of the storage units are properly equipped with security measures. Such facilities also provide the customer with a lock and key, that is provided to no one else. This also enables you to access your unit at anytime (day or night).
Apart from providing self storage facilities, our Dubai storage company also offers moving services in Dubai. Before signing up with a storage company in UAE, check if they are willing to offer all the facilities you are looking for.
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