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9 November 2009

Popularity of Mailbox Rental Services Increases

Mailbox rentals are proving better than traditional post offices in Dubai. Expatriates as well as residents are enjoying the benefits of this facility.

According to The Box, a storage company in Dubai, mailbox services are conveniently replacing post office boxes today, simply because they have more benefits and useful features. They are also inexpensive compared to a traditional post office.
The Box also states that those who require a mailbox rental service in Dubai are majorly expatriates sharing their accommodation with someone else. Secondly, residents who do not have a permanent address also make use of such a service. And lastly, those who have opened a business with a virtual office take maximum advantage of this service. Whatever the reason may be mailbox rental services in Dubai are doing very well this year.
The reason for its increase in popularity over traditional post offices has been rightly explained by The Box. But it is believed that there are a few more obvious reasons determining the growth of this service. Aaliyah Aman residing in Dubai is a user or customer of this service. She reveals that, ‘The mailbox system works well as it is a centralized form of communication with 24 hour access. Besides, such a facility caters to providing us with different sized units depending upon the amount of space our mail requires. Another great feature is that the modern facilities also send you notifications whenever a letter or a package is dropped into your box.’
The Box is a reputed storage company in UAE. They offer diverse solutions like self-storage, removals, packaging, transportation, documentary/inventory management and many other services. The Box is strategically located in the Al Quoz area, central to the boundaries of Dubai.
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