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11 November 2009

Revolutionary Climate Controlled Storage

As every other business evolves, the self–storage industry also has. Gone are the days when a storage facility just meant renting out a space. Taking care of the valuables in it has now become an added advantage to consumers even here in Dubai. Climate controlled storage has become a popular feature in Dubai storage companies only since the last decade.
The revolutionary climate-controlled storage option and the cost-effectiveness of renting a storage solution in Dubai are 2 things that maintain customers. Storage facilities that provide this feature are the ones who are benefiting too by having their units full throughout the year. So basically, there’s a win-win situation for the customer and the company.
The conditions in our homes, our garages or ordinary warehouses are usually extreme. It is dry, very cold or humid in such places. Apart from the temperature conditions at warehouses, another factor of concern is the shape your belongings are going to be in once they are out of storage. Only a climate controlled storage facility in Dubai with a team to take care of your goods will be able to keep your belongings unaffected.
Climate controlled facilities are used by almost everyone for goods made of different kinds of material. But there are certain goods that must not be denied this facility. Electric items, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, paintings, artwork, things made of wood /leather and even musical instruments need to be kept in climate-controlled storage. Visit The Box for more on our climate-controlled facilities.
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