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11 November 2009

The Box is also a Fulfillment Centre

This is surprising yet true. Our company is well known for storage, but we are also a fulfillment centre. This could be good news for your business as the fulfillment process involves a lot of work. At our Dubai storage company, this job includes picking, packaging and fulfilling your product directly to customers, distributors or end-users.
For those not very well versed with the fulfillment process, here’s a short explanation of the term. The fulfillment process of a company begins when an order for the product is received. It generally involves warehousing, finding the item ordered, packaging it, and shipping it to the right address. It can be done in 2 ways. You can either do it in-house or by outsourcing it. The fulfillment task done by our storage solution in Dubai may seem simple, but in reality is very hard to perform. This is because there are a lot of complications and mishaps that normally occur during the process. But The Box is totally aware of such problems and also prevents them from taking place.
Every company follows a different fulfillment procedure, but The Box is familiar with most of them. So when you decide to avail of our services, all you have to do is state the one your company follows and we will be right with you.
Not all storage companies in UAE have as many services as The Box does. For bookings or information on this service, log on to
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