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22 December 2009

Organic Materials Need Storage

Climate controlled storage is one of the best services that storage facilities in Dubai provide these days. While some goods are good to go without this service, there are many others that cannot do without it. Here is a list of organic stuff that needs a Dubai storage company:
Mattresses- The weather in Dubai is hot and humid most of the time. This kind of weather is actually a breeding ground for dust mites. Mattresses attract mites more than any other item. This can be prevented only if the item is stored under regulated temperatures.
Carpets- The same logic applies to the storage of carpets. Carpets gather the most mount of dirt and different kinds of insects. Since their colour and feel needs to be maintained they need customized facilities.
Books, Documents- Many of us leave documents/books in the corners of our homes. Documents and books both need favourable temperatures for an extended life.
Furniture- Furniture made of leather, cane or wood that is mostly untouched needs a climate controlled facility on the double. Such furniture can succumb to holes made by termites and could also crack if stored under extreme temperatures.
Musical instruments- Arabic musical instruments like the Nay, the Oud, the Buzuq, etc. are wholly and partly made of wood. These instruments are sometimes stored as show pieces too. Either way, they need to be perfectly maintained.
We know all about temperature specifications that suit each item. For peace of mind contact our storage solution in Dubai- The Box.
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