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29 December 2009

The Box Clears Storage Misconceptions

The Box is a self-storage company that provides diverse storage solutions. As the storage industry begins to rise in UAE, The Box is determined to clear certain misconceptions that are hindering the industry’s progress.

A few years ago the self-storage industry wasn’t as hyped as it is now. This industry has evolved to great extents towards the end of 2010. In spite of UAE supporting the idea of storing their belongings in self-storage, the storage industry isn’t moving ahead as quickly as it should. This is mainly because many people have still not understood the entire concept of self storage in UAE.
The Box in UAE is also part of the self-storage industry. They provide diverse storage and removal solutions. As mentioned above, The Box also feels that the citizens of UAE are not very lucid on this subject. Therefore they have determined to sweep the misconceptions hampering the success of this industry.
Many residents in UAE feel that storage is only for business purposes and cannot be used for personal reasons. That is not so according to The Box. While businesses also use storage, there are no restrictions on who can avail of such space rental services. Those who have understood the concept of self-storage are making good use of their rented spaces through the year. In fact, storage facilities in UAE are used by homeowners more than corporates.
Some individuals are also of the impression that Dubai storage companies only pick and store goods. But the truth is that every storage company has different sets of management teams to pack, load, transport your goods to the facility, store them and deliver them back to your door step.
The Box is a reputed storage company in UAE. They offer diverse solutions like self-storage, removals, packaging, transportation, documentary/inventory management and many other services. The Box is strategically located in the Al Quoz area, central to the boundaries of Dubai.
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