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18 December 2009

Your Car Is Precious

The importance of a family car is better realized when it is gone. That is because a car provides us with comforts that are irreplaceable. Entrusting your car in the hands of a stranger makes us nervous. But when you cannot avoid a long holiday trip that your kids have been yearning for or that business trip that your company is counting on, you need to reconcile with a storage facility in Dubai.
Generally, all storage facilities in UAE equip their units with average level security measures. But as every car owner aspires, you too would want the best in vehicle storage for your very precious car.
Therefore the next time you opt for car storage, use the following checklist to determine the best storage company in Dubai:
#1 See that the facility has car storage indoors and not outdoors. It’s evident that your vehicle could get damaged far more easily when it’s parked outdoors.
#2 Check if the facility provides additional security, like precautions in case of an accident. Ask them about how they prevent unauthorized access to vehicles…etc.
#3 Will the value of your car be fully recovered in the case of certain instances?
#4 Will there be routine checks on your car? That involves keeping it clean, regular ignition, tire checks and everything else that is routinely required. Once out of storage, the car should be ready for use.
The Box, has an array of varied services. We also provide vehicle storage at our Dubai storage company.
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