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20 January 2010

Know The Art Of Storing Furniture

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Very often people find it very difficult to store their furniture. But with simple techniques it can become an easy task. There are many storage companies in UAE so when you opt for any of them make sure that you follow the below mentioned tips.

1. Leave Some Space: when you store your furniture in a storage house leave enough space in between two articles. There should be sufficient room for easy movement. If the unit is packed without free accessibility then it would be difficult to remove your furniture when needed and it can damage it.

2. Use Fabrics: very often people cover furniture with plastic, this doesn’t allow it to breathe. Moreover later it gives rise to condensation and unpleasant odors. Cover the furniture with soft fabrics which allow it to breathe while protects from dust, scratches and other damages.

3. Cover The Floor: make sure that you don’t keep your furniture directly on the floor. Cover the floor with the plastic so in case of accidental fall of water your furniture is safe.

4. Big Items First: keep your big, heavy items at the bottom and place the delicate, small ones on top of them. By doing the opposite you will damage the small items. This way you can also save much space.

5. Climate Control: it would be very beneficial to opt for climate controlled storage unit for furniture. It will protect your furniture against climate extremes and unpleasant odors.

6. Third Party Insurance: insuring your furniture will make you completely stress free. Insurances are of great help in the situations of accidents, thefts and damages.

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