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20 January 2010

Learn The Art Of Packing Glassware

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There are many things that come in our minds when we think of shifting to a new house. One of the important factors is packing. It is a stressful job, and packing fragile things require a lot of care and precautions. There are many Dubai storage companies which guide you to pack glassware in a right way. Let us check it out.

1. Wrapping: for wrapping glassware use a blank newsprint or bubble wrap. This assures that glasses do not break.

2. Placement: if you are packing glassware with other things make sure that they are on top. Keep them in an upright position exactly how you place them on a dining table.

3. Preparation of the box: the box which will carry the glass should have layer of crumpled papers or peanuts. This will cushion the glassware.

4. Closing the box: before packing the box put the layer of cardboard on top and sides of the box. Fill up the sides with peanuts or papers. You have to keep layering till you reach the brim of the box.

5. Tape the box: tape the box cross ways on top and bottom which protects it more. Don’t forget to tape it on the sides. Label it as Fragile-Glassware so that it is treated with extra care.

The box is one of the storage solutions in Dubai which sells all the products required for packaging different items. They also help people with shifting to new houses as they are one of the good moving services in Dubai.

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