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12 January 2010

Some Tips To Help You Store Your Things

Storage facilities in Dubai are very important for the people living in small apartments. After choosing your unit it is also important to know the right way to pack your things in it. When things are not arranged properly there are chances of damaging them. So let us try to understand how you will keep your stuff in Dubai Storage Company.

1. Pack hard and tough things first and keep soft, fragile and delicate things on top.

2. Arrange things in a large unit in such a way that easy movement is possible.

3. All the items of metal should be treated with rust protectors and books with boric powder to fight against insect attacks.

4. If you use your own lock then buy a costly one which can’t be opened with a pin.

5. Keep your precious things right at the bottom or extremely behind in the unit.

6. Make a list of things which you have put in the store house and keep the list safe with you.

7. Cover things with plastic bags or sacks to save them from damage.

8. Store little things in some big appliances or bags and suitcases.

9. Don’t store any sharp or inflammatory object.

10. Leave the doors of appliances open to prevent fungal growth.

The Box is a storage solution in Dubai and provides units of different sizes. If you have trouble in packing things by yourself this storage facility in Dubai arranges for knowledgeable professionals who would pack things in a perfect way. The Box is also one of the best moving services in Dubai.

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