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22 January 2010

Things You Shouldn’t Store In Dubai Storage Company

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We have discussed a lot about what can be stored in storage facilities in Dubai. At the same time it is also important to know what things we can’t store in storage houses. Different storage houses have different policies but most of them follow same rules for certain things. While making a list of things it is necessary for you to keep in mind the things which can’t be stored in Dubai storage companies.

Pirated and illegal items: the storages companies provide a great amount of safety. It is very important for them that they do not give alliances to any illegal or pirated materials.

Perishable food items: you can’t store your perishable food items. These items are prone to insects and may damage other articles. Insurance companies do not pay if other things are kept with perishable food items.

Plants and crops: Plants die if they don’t receive proper ventilation, temperature and sunshine. Moreover they are vulnerable to pests attack. Pest multiple quickly and damage other things like furniture.

Combustibles and inflammable: articles which can easily explode or play an important role in spreading fire are prohibited. Such things are: acids, lighters, nail polish, removers, paints, car batteries, matches, chemicals, pesticides and much more.

The Box is a reputed storage facility in UAE it provides a number of facilities. There are different sizes of units available for your convenience. But it is necessary that you keep in mind that certain things are not accepted. The company also offers great moving services in Dubai.

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