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17 February 2010

Customer Service at THE BOX

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Aid in Motion couldn't be more grateful towards the hospitality and generosity shown to us by the teams at The Box. When we were in desperate need of storage space, The Box showed no hesitation to offer our non-profit organization the extra space they had empty free of charge, and what was so wonderful was that it was offered wholeheartedly without Aid in Motion needing to ask or play the "we are a charity card".
(-Lola Lopez, Founder & CEO of Aid in Motion)

Every storage company in UAE thinks it is essential to concentrate on customer service. What most of them do is; place an advertisement in the newspapers/internet stating that they require a customer service agent (full time). From among all those who apply for the job, they hire the ones who know how to sell, how to compel the client into using all their services and how to deny the client of certain requests. They also hire those individuals who know how to speak the most used languages or who have ‘good communication skills’.
Good customer service hardly involves any of the above. It involves treating your client as a human being and not a bank account….

The ability to speak a language well is wrongly termed as ‘good communication skill’ by many Dubai storage companies. Individuals who interact with customers need to understand and empathize with his/her storage problem by listening to what they have to say. They must have the ability to explain services clearly, as well as advise the customer towards choosing the right storage option for better storage results. Therefore, The Box recruits customer service executives and other representatives with utmost care. Their excellent customer service is reflected not only by those who frequently interact with the customer but also by those who work behind the scenes.

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