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20 February 2010

Loving Books Is Not a Crime

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It is usually hard to get children, teenagers or anyone else for that matter to read books. But as we grow older and do happen to like novels, magazines, digests, etc. we land up facing the problem of storing each and every book we love. Therefore someday or another in our bookish lives, it will be necessary to store away some of them at a storage facility in Dubai.

If storage was to be as simple as tossing your precious books into big bag or an old box, document storage facilities in Dubai would never have existed.

Storage facilities take adequate measures to keep your books safe. They do all they can to save them from withering and to prevent the pages from fading. They clean them from time to time and also pack them, keeping them away from damaging and destructive elements. Storage companies in UAE like The Box ensure that your books are stored in mint condition by protecting them from mildew, corrosion and staining. They use magnetic dry cloth to wipe hardbacks. They also check the books for bookmarks, flowers, leaves and other things that need to be removed from between pages. Objects like these are acidic. They could spoil or discolour the pages of your book in no time.

These are only a few of the many precautions The Box takes to ensure adequate book storage. To learn more about our document storage services, visit

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