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8 April 2010

Ever tried air-conditioned storage?

Why would our goods need to be stored in an air-conditioned storage solution in UAE? Air-conditioning is for people, not for things. This is a known fact that is stuck in our minds. But people seldom realize how important air-conditioning could be when it comes to storing certain goods for long periods of time…

Inappropriate climatic conditions can destroy certain goods, while air-conditioning could actually preserve its life. Things that can easily get affected by heat and humidity are the things you should place in a climate controlled facility designed for long term usage, which also provides a cool environment.

Now the things that are likely to be damaged in non air–conditioned self storage facilities are those that are organic in nature. The word ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily mean food. It also notifies items that are made of natural materials like paper documents, furniture made of wood or leather, clothing like coats, hats or even foot-wear, purses and belts made from animal skins, items made of cloth, paintings on canvases, etc.

By reducing the effect of heat on items such as these, storage solutions in Dubai like The Box actually reduce many factors that could damage or spoil your goods. The examples of goods that need air conditioning mentioned above are very few. So when you have to make a decision to store your belongings at a storage facility in Dubai the next time, do check to find out if any of your goods are organic.

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