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12 April 2010

Journey of the Self-Storage Industry

Self-storage has evolved from primitive warehousing to today’s modern climate controlled units with limited access. The journey before self-storage being known as warehouses was mighty long and complicated to pen down; but the industry’s journey after 1960’s is an interesting one.

Storing things in warehouses was known as public storage. The owners of the warehouse offered no security of your belongings whatsoever. Later, mini warehouses with on-site or off-site offices gladly embraced self storage as a business with potential. Thus they made sure to provide at least minimum security by fencing the area around the building.

Then came the need to provide customers with air-conditioned storage solutions in UAE which were allowed to be used at higher rent rates. They also built multi-storey buildings and provided better security at the gate as well as some security in the storage facility itself. Outdoor storage was still available at that time. Later outdoor bays were cancelled and all kinds of storage were provided in spaces within well designed self-service storage buildings.

The latest storage facilities in UAE like The Box are designed keeping green motives in mind. Today, the concept of real-estate and self-storage work side-by-side as they similarly focus on customer needs and are business oriented. Storage facilities in Dubai also provide customized storage units. Therefore you can even have the exact temperature you are looking to store your goods inside your unit. The facilities and teams at such facilities today assist the customer professionally.

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