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5 April 2010

Just-In-Time Self Storage

The city of Dubai is a refuge to millions of people around the globe. For those outside Dubai it is a great place to export commodities. Dubai city also acts like a centre point for trade to the cities around it. Therefore great potential lies for businesses of all sizes within this expanse as well.

Good businesses always make sure to provide their customers with what they are looking for, at the right time. Thus the JIT/Just-In-Time inventory strategy evolved. JIT is very important for every business and in today’s highly competitive world it is treated like a queen. But be it clothing, accessories, equipment or even vehicles, where should a business person store his inventory? There may not be adequate space in your home or a safe place in your back yard where your valuable products would not be stolen or damaged. Thus a self storage facility in Dubai can help. Here you will be able to storage your belongings with ease and even change the size of your storage unit according to your varying business requirements. The unit you will be using can also be customized according to the manner in which you need your goods.

But not all Dubai storage companies can help you with your JIT strategy, as not all of them will allow you to access your goods 24 hours a day like The Box in Dubai would. As a dedicated business person you deserve to find a storage solution in Dubai that understands your unique storage requirements. You deserve The Box!


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