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8 April 2010

Why Perishable Items Aren’t Allowed

In every storage facility in UAE, there are unique lists of items that cannot be stored. Self storage companies have such don’ts for many reasons. But the main reason why items are denied at a storage facility is because of the safety of the rest of the belongings in the neighboring storage units.

Flammable items like oil, fire crackers, alcohol, paints, etc. are surely not allowed in any Dubai storage company. This you might have guessed for obvious reasons. But what could be the reason for disapproving perishable items. Many things can come under the term perishable, but most of them would be food items. Food storage is hardly ever encouraged in storage companies. However the few facilities that allow food storage will only keep your items with them for a couple of days or for a temporary period. When food items are kept with self storage facilities in Dubai they could be the cause for many critters infesting non-perishable organic items like paper documents, wooden items, etc. Perishable items also attract rodents and other insects that could lead to an unclean environment for the goods stored in the neighboring units by other customers.

But above all other reasons, insurance companies deny coving claims of those goods damaged because of perishable food items, just the way they don’t provide cover for property that has been damaged by a natural disaster. The Box in Dubai also has its own list of items that aren’t allowed into their units.

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