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30 July 2010

Better Care For Fabrics

There are different types of fabrics in your house which you must store properly. Some fabrics are extremely delicate and deserve highest amount of care. You must be having a variety of expensive mattresses, curtains, bed sheets, pillows, carpets and much more that require proper maintenance and excellent storage facility. Storage facilities in Dubai will provide extra care to all your delicate and expensive materials.

Mattresses: hot and humid weather of Dubai has been responsible to gather dust mites. Mattresses attract more dust mites when compared to any other item. Only climate controlled storage can prevent dust mites from entering mattresses.

Carpets: The carpets are an open invitation to all sorts of insects and highest amount of dirt. Carpets need a customized facility to be maintained so that their look and feel is preserved.

Bed Sheets and pillows: Light coloured bed sheets and pillows must be stored properly. If they are made of silk, satin or any other delicate material then they deserve extra care.

Curtains: Decorative curtains add beauty to the windows of your house; but make sure that you handle them carefully. Curtains are expensive as well as made of fragile materials, so they must be stored perfectly.

Climate controlled storage solution in Dubai offered at The Box is the best place to keep all your fabrications safe. If you are worried about safety of your delicate and costly materials then we at The Box will look after them. We have units of different sizes opt for the one that can fit in all your belongings.

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