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16 September 2010

Short Term Versus Long Term Storage

There are too many things that worry us when we decide to opt for a storage facility in Dubai. Some things bother us a lot like unit size, price, security etc. it is important to find out a storage solution that meets with our requirements. One of the important aspects that need to be studied is how long will you keep your belongings in a storage facility. You must decide perfectly about this issue before you open an account in a storage solution.
Some storage facilities are designed to store items that require short term storage, whereas there are facilities which store things for a long period of time. Hence there are two types of storage service; short term storage units and long term storage units. Short term storage units are generally not climate controlled and are affordable.
A long term storage unit is a great help for storing goods that require climate controlled storage. You might not find many long term storage solutions but there are some very well known. Many companies offer a customized storage facility in Dubai to suit the requirements of customers. Clearly, long term storage facilities are more expensive than short term. But if preservation is what you are looking for, the extra expenditure will go a long way.
You will have to make a choice between long-term and short-term depending upon your requirements. The length of time, the time of year and the level of humidity all these factors play a significant role while selecting a unit. You can talk to our experts at The Box, just log on to and know more.

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