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18 September 2010

What Damages Your Furniture?

Wooden furniture has its own value and beauty, especially when they are made in olden times. They might look out of trend but their value never decreases. Many of us either like to use it or would prefer preserving it as memory of the past. However, preserving it is a little difficult task; it can be easy if we take assistance from a storage facility in Dubai.
If you are not using it then keep it safe in a storage unit to protect it from damages. There are some causes which will damage wooden furniture.
Water: White colored patches are formed when water is filled on such furniture. There are chances that little ones in your house spill water on expensive items.
Light: Heavy light on wooden furniture can damage your furniture badly; it can lighten the color tone.
Insects: Insects are known for eating up wood, especially bugs and white ants. Keeping furniture safe from them is a challenge. Insects are the biggest threats to your age old furniture.
Moisture: Wooden furniture absorbs moisture so if it is stored in a place with high humidity then the wood swells. Later on that results into cracks or splits. It also accelerates the growth of mold on wood.
These are some of the causes that can easily damage your furniture you must take great care of it. Reserve an account in a storage solution in Dubai and be stress free. The Box is a well known storage facility in Dubai which has huge storage houses that will keep all your items safe.

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