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6 September 2010

You Must Keep Them Away

Every storage facility in Dubai has certain guidelines to follow which shows what is allowed to store and what is not. But these guidelines differ from company to company. These restrictions are made for logical reasons; they are made to protect the facility as well as all the goods that are being stored. Let us have a look at some of the items that are not allowed to be stored in a storage house.
1. Hazardous and combustible items: Anything that is capable of exploding or causing an explosion is usually not allowed to be stored in a storage facility. This includes fireworks, fuels, aerosols, gun powder, etc. Except for the fuel in a vehicle, stored in the facility, no other hazardous material is admitted.
2. Plants and Animals: Plants give rise to insects and pests, animals also do the same. Moreover a storage facility is not a place for living things.
3. Perishable food items: There are very few storage houses which store food items but majority of them don’t. So it is advisable to check before you reserve an account.
4. Valuables: Ornaments are kept safely inside a locker in your bank. Every storage company would not store expensive gold or diamond jewllery.
However, just because one company denies keeping certain articles that doesn’t mean that all the companies would do the same. Before taking any decision go through the guidelines of a company that you are interested to deal with. To find out what is permitted and what is not at The Box, just give us a call or log on to

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