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20 October 2010

Storing Wine at Storage Facility in Dubai

Wine is a popular and important beverage that accompanies and enhances wide range of cuisines from simple to traditional, to the most sophisticated and complex. There is a very unique way of storing wines, if not stored carefully it may spoil the taste of the wine. There few steps to keep the wine to keep the wine fresh for a long period of time:
1. The wine should be stored in 55°F as exclusive heat may wreak havoc bottle of wine. Humidity also is one factor to keep in mind while storing the wine. Ideal humidity for wine storage is between 65-75%.
2. If wine is kept in direct light consistently, it will affect the flavor of the wine, resulting into the premature aging. White wines are most sensitive to light degradation; red wines will also lose if they are subjected to excessive light.
3. Wine should be kept in still place. Keeping wine on refrigerator top is not safe as bottles may break or wine may get spoil because of the heat and direct light, there are vibrations coming out from the refrigerator because of which bottles may wreck.
4. The wine bottle should always be kept in sideways; the reason behind this is the cork of the bottle will always be in contact. It will keep the cork moist and will prohibit oxygen to seep in the bottle.
The Box is one storage facility in Dubai who has climate control units and can assist you with storing of wine safely with the required climatic conditions.
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