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12 October 2010

The Box for Organic Materials

The Box is one of the most renowned Dubai storage company. It provides the customers with climate controlled storage facilities in Dubai. There are many objects which are needed to be stored in proper temperature or they may get damaged. The list of objects that needed to be stored in climate controlled units are:
1. Mattresses & Carpets: The climate of Dubai is very hot and humid; it is likely that dust mites breed in this kind of climate. Mattress is an organic stuff which attracts maximum mites than of any other items. To avoid this it is necessary to store them in proper temperature. Even mites are attracted to carpets. Also they catch dust quickly; to prevent it from mites and dust and to preserve the colour and feel of the carpet it is necessary to store them in customized facilities.
2. Books and documents: Books and documents are the one which are always kept in the corner of the house. White ants get easily attracted to these items. To keep them safe and away from white ants they should be kept in proper storage.
3. Furniture: Furniture made from cane or leather are needed to be stored in climate controlled units as these furniture can succumb holes made by termites.
4. Musical Instruments: The musical instruments like Nay, Oud, Buzuq etc. are made with wood.

These items are many times kept as show pieces too. They need be stored and maintained perfectly.
The Box also provides you with perfect storage solutions in Dubai.
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