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4 October 2010

The Box The Safest

When you plan to keep your goods with storage company the first you think about is the safety. When you know that your goods are in safe hands you can just relax. You need not take tension about your goods. There are many storage companies in Dubai but people do not find them reliable. The Box is one you can rely upon easily

The Box is one storage company in UAE which has commercial and household storage in Dubai. You can feel easy and comfortable when your goods are stored with us. It has maximum safety measures to offer you. They are:-

1. We are well equipped with our storage facilities. The Box has 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

2. It has infrared recording.

3. The visitors’ access log is updated from time to time.

4. The on ground security looks after the security of The Box’s entire storage facility in Dubai.

5. The Box has various latest equipments to deal with fire. We use fire detection and sprinkler system throughout the storage facility, one approved by the local civil defense department.

6. One of the most highlight features of The Box is it has climate controlled units. The items which are needed to be stored in proper temperature are stored here, so that your goods are safe and they don’t get damaged.

The Box is easy to reach as it is located in the centre. It is the best storage company in Dubai which provides you with many services. The customers are always happy by the service provided by the storage facility in Dubai and by other services of The Box.

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