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28 October 2010

Things That Cannot Be Stored At Storage Company

Earlier we discussed about the things which we can store in the storage facilities in Dubai. But at the same time one should also have the knowledge of the items that cannot be stored in store houses. It is accepted that storage companies provide with climate controlled units but there are some objects which according to the policies of the storage houses cannot be stored. Things cannot be stored in Dubai storage company are:
1. Perishable food items: those food items which do not have long term durability cannot be stored. These items are prone to insects and other items may get damaged. Insurance companies do not pay if other things kept with perishable goods get spoilt.
2. Illegal and pirated goods: storage companies provide lot of safety. They do not allow storage of illegal or pirated goods. It is against their policy.
3. Plants: if proper sunshine, ventilation and temperature are not given to the plants they may die. Also they are attacked by various insects and if it happens those pests could damage the items stored in storage facility. Mostly goods like furniture get easily damaged because of pests.
4. Combustibles and inflammable: objects which easily catch fire or which may explode are not allowed to be kept in storage facility. Things like lighters, acids, nail polish, removers, perfumes, paints, chemicals car batteries etc.
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