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8 February 2011

Go on Vacation Tension Free

Why do we go for a vacation? Just to relax ourselves from our daily chores. But it happens that, even though we are out to relax there are number of things which are constantly going on in our mind. Those things are like locking the house, closing the taps etc. But most important thing which many people think about is “whether their car is safe?”

While going on a vacation it is not necessary you take your car. That time you keep your car in the parking but, is that place purely safe? Many a times it happens that deck from your car may get robbed or some parts of the car or even there are cases where when family is on vacation their car has been stolen. This is surely a thing which will make you worry but The Box a storage facility in Dubai is ready to help you. With the car storage in Dubai available at The Box you can store your cars safely with us. Also we will keep a proper check on your car. We help you with keeping it clean, regular ignition, tire checks etc. The storage facility at The Box is open for 24 hours of the day.

Apart from car storage we provide with various storage solutions like personal storage, document storage and record management in Dubai etc. At The Box we also provide with house removal services like movers and packers in Dubai.

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