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1 March 2011

Protect Your Old Memories

Photographs capture the emotion, the essence and every aspect of life as we see it. But in the end we have a whole bunch of memories to file and store. You get a bunch of photographs lying down scattered all over the house in different places. But you always feel like treasuring those memories having the whole grand family in them.

The invention of the digital camera made our lives a lot easier. But what about the antique photos which really need to be preserved? As of today many commercial solutions are widely available but according to experts, photographs need to be stored in the dark at a low temperature (not freezing) and with a humidity level fluctuating a little below 40% and nothing above 50%. Also as most people usually do, avoid storing them in a loft or attic as humidity levels in there change according to the seasons which can result in photographs sticking together and obviously loosing print and deteriorating when taken apart. Magnetic sheets leave behind a residue on images and vinyl pages have the potential to give off harmful fumes.

Storing photos in archival materials helps in preventing common damage and the archival corners are a great tool in this regard. Climate controlled units help you to store these precious archives. The Box is a storage facility in Dubai which guarantees you the safety of your priceless belongings. They provide you with storage space in Dubai having climate controlled environment.

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