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1 April 2011

Choose What You Store

Most of us like to collect and preserve old photographs, household items and even old documents. All of this fine up to a point at which the house doesn’t end up looking like a mess, especially in the case of smaller apartments. Choosing what to store and what to dump and let go is important.

When it comes to old electronic appliances, be it even a mobile phone, get them discarded at the store the same time you buy a new one. Most mobile phone stores these days will have a system in place to safely recycle old phones. Keeping small electronic items things like old calculators, tapes, unused stationary (which you think you probably would use someday) in a drawer will usually lead to a pile up. So its best to discard such items the minute you buy something to replace it. This habit will automatically reduce clutter at home and in turn also help in saving the environment when it reaches the recycler in time. In terms of old furniture, either reuse the wood for other applications or ask the furniture company to get rid of it for you. The good thing about electronic appliances are that most stores usually have an exchange offers set in place for dealing with your old appliance. When it come to old photographs and antiques store the ones that really have value and not anything and everything. Else you’ll end up with a cartload of boxes lying around the apartment containing all the photographs turning your memories into a mess.

Now after you have chosen what to retain and what to discard, you will still end up having a couple of boxes lying around using up all those corners and spaces in and around the house and even in the wardrobe. This is when you should search for a storage facility in Dubai like The Box. The Box is a smart storage company in the UAE offering a variety of services to securely store all your precious goods and antiques with their climate controlled and CCTV monitored storage facilities.

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