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28 September 2011

Organize and Store Photographs like a Pro!

Organizing one’s photo-collection can be a tough task for quite a few people. To those looking to tackle the old photographs that have been catching dust in the attic, here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Having a place where you can spread out your photographs is perhaps one of the first things you need to tackle in order to succeed. One also has to choose a time, where disturbances (from both human and other factors) would be at a minimum. Once the time and place has been decided, the gathering of photographs should begin. Every nook and cranny, drawer and cabinet should be checked for photographs. Everything that you find must be brought back to your “control-room”.

When the gathering process is done, it is then time to begin sorting. Broadly speaking, photographs can either be sorted in a chronological order or they can be grouped under various categories. The decision on which method to use is best taken based on your preferences. You may have sorted those school time photographs, but are you sure you can remember them, say ten years from now? Labels are a great way to jog our memories during such times. Add in as much detail as you would like, but remember to do this on the back of the photograph. That out of focus photograph, the shaky-cam image and even duplicates, they are all photographs that must be discarded. Remember, they do not add value to your memories and only serve to bloat up your collection.

It is a proud moment when one finishes organizing their photography collection. But to ensure that these memorable photographs are preserved in the best possible way, they must be stored in the right kind of environment. At The Box, Dubai’s leading movers and storage companies, there are specialized facilities available for just this kind of jobs. The Box offers facilities that maintain humidity and temperature at optimum levels to ensure the best storage conditions for all your precious belongings. Also on offer at The Box are relocation services that assist with home and office moves, both, within the city and in the case of international relocations.

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