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10 January 2013

You Deserve the Best and So Does Your Car

Investing in a fancy new ride must have definitely been an expensive investment. This may probably be the reason why most people treat their cars like their own children. A new car may no doubt last you a “life time” provided you give it the proper care and love. One of the worst times to leave a car parked out in the open is during the cold months of winter. This is definitely is terrible idea, especially if you need it to start once spring rolls in. Investing in a quality car storage unit will make sure that your prized possession remains in tip top condition thought the year.

Car storage units can also come in handy in these situations: when you are going out on a long vacation, when you want additional space in your garage; or when you are refurbishing it. What’s more, you can even lease one when you are moving out from one place to the other.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a few in useful winter car storage tips.

Make sure that the interior of your car is thoroughly cleaned. The devil is in the detail so make sure that you look under the seats for spills, residues and crumbs.  Doing this will ensure that insects and other pests do not make your warm car their home during the cold winter months. Also, do not forget to cover your car in order to guarantee that it continues to remain spotless over the winter.

The problems with car electronics are that they continue to draw small amounts of electricity even when not in use. Disconnecting your cars battery will ensure that your car battery is not drained out by the time you bring it out of storage.

Car tires have a tendency to develop flat spots when they are left in a garage or a storage unit for a long time. Make sure that you take the tires of the ground (using concrete blocks or jack stands) to ensure that they ride smoothly when the car is returned in spring.

Before you select a winter car storage facility make sure that you carry out adequate research and contact local facilities that offer this service.

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