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11 February 2013

Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Home

All of us desire bigger homes, but this may not always be possible due to factors such high real estate prices and commuting problems. Fortunately there is a lot of usable space in all our homes that we fail to take advantage of. 
In this blog post, I will be talking about storage solutions and innovative techniques to create additional space in your homes.

The space under the staircase is a great place to store belongings that you don't use every
day. You can start by enclosing the area and installing a door for easy access. The next step is to add some shelves. You can also add lighting and a small desk or a pull out shelf as a desk area depending on how much room you have. The space can also be used to create a small play house for children, but make sure that the door can be opened from the inside for safety reasons.

A mini library is also a great way of putting this piece of space to better use. You can do this by lining the walls under the stairs with neat shelves to store all sizes of books and magazines. Add spotlights or angled floor lamps to illuminate the books as well as to provide reading light.

If this storage area is located near your kitchen or pantry, you can set up an area to store
all your oversized products that are too large for your kitchen cabinets. In this way, your kitchen supplies can be neatly stored and are more accessible.

A work space can also be easily set up in the free area under the stairs as you don’t need much storage space for a compact home office. Start by installing a desk or a fitted work surface to place a lap top or PC on. You may even fix shelves to the walls above the desk and install a telephone jack and power outlets for electronic equipment. Office equipment like answering machines, fax machines and printers can easily be set up as well.

It is definitely a shame to waste this valuable space so make sure to look up innovative storage tips and experiment with different ideas so as to put it to better use.

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