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21 June 2013

The Box Introduces Two New Efficient Services

The Box has introduced two very efficient services amongst their line of business- Box Proplus and Reserve Unit. The Box Horsepower program is extremely profitable to those who already have a warehouse or a storage business and is a huge programme, managing over a 100,000 sq ft of space in Dubai.

There are many complexities in this business and not all the existing entrepreneurs have realized them. But this company has understood them and taken them up responsibly by having ISO certifications and ensuring that there is a proper team to take businesses a step ahead. They also provide the very much vital training programs that are required to know how to improvise on your business.

What’s more? They have now come up with a process where you can actually have a reserve unit wherein you can book your storage. The Box offers you to choose the amount of space that you would need for storing your valuables. You can also choose the duration for which you would require the facilities. The provide storage in five different locations of Alquoz, Abu Dhabi, Umrumool, Jebel Ali and Ras Al Khor. A simple process of online booking and you can just make a reservation for a storage space! 

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