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30 December 2013

Packaging Boxes: How to Choose Them Right

So, you’ve planned to move out and you have no idea how to pack your
materials. Well, firstly you should understand what all you need to pack and take along with you. It is important that you segregate your possessions so that you can use the correct packaging materials. Once you are done separating your belongings, it is important to know what kind of boxes you will need for each of these things. It is essential that you acquire the correct boxes for your items.

  Boxes for light items:
Well, these are items that are either inexpensive or unbreakable. So, it is advisable that you do not spend a great deal over these boxes. Simple boxes made of recyclable paper or boxes obtained from local retailers would do. However, ensure that these boxes are in a decent condition; though you intend to use them for packing inexpensive goods, these belongings are still important to you. Thus, pick up cheap but good quality boxes. You can try obtaining such boxes from your paper scrap dealer or a fruit vendor or even supermarkets. Simply ensure that these boxes are clean and free from any insect infestations. 

  Boxes for Clothes:
You will have a variety of clothing. Some of it you can simply fold and place flat in the boxes. However, some clothing items cannot be folded and laid flat. For such items, it is prudent that you choose boxes which have hangers inside them, so that it is just a mini wardrobe that you are carrying along with you. Such boxes are available in all three sizes- small, medium and large, the choice of which depends on your requirements and preferences. However, bear in mind that these boxes could become heavy. Also, they might occupy a lot of space. All the same, they would keep your clothes intact and damage free, so, such boxes are ideal for your wardrobe.

  Boxes for Electronics:
Now this is a tricky one. It is important that you pack your electronic goods with utmost care and caution. If you have a computer, make sure that you dissemble it and pack each of the parts separately. If you have boxes for the same that you had got these electronics in, it would be great. If not, it is advisable that you buy sturdy boxes, which can take the weight of all your electronic possessions. Also, it is important that you protect your goods with the help of bubble wrap and other such vacuum filling materials, so that these goods do not get damaged when in transport or due to any type of rough handling. 

  Boxes for Fragile Items:
It is obvious that you will have items like mirrors, some antiques or artwork that is pretty delicate. Carrying these possessions seems to a worrisome task. However, this too can be managed with the right tactics. You can use overtly large boxes to pack such things. Put in a lot of padding and make sure that your item is well covered. It is essential that you put a lot of padding around it so that even if there is any sort of collision, the possessions inside the box remain unharmed.

  Boxes for Uniquely Shaped Items:
There are some things in your belongings that have a completely different shape and these things would not just fit into the square boxes. Perplexed? Do not worry; there is a solution for this tricky situation as well. What you can do is, you can make your own box. Cut two boxes or make a new one from a corrugated cardboard or any other material that you think is suitable for such possessions. 

Thus, you can use these tips to make sure that your possessions remain safe and sound during the entire moving process. Such boxes and packing materials are easily available with a majority of moving and packing companies in UAE.

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