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25 April 2014

5 Tips for Vehicle Storage

Are you planning to go on a very long vacation and have no idea as to where
to leave your car? Or, you do not have the space to keep your car? Well, this is when vehicle storage comes to your rescue! However, before you actually take your car to a storage unit, here are some tips that you should follow:

1.    Keep Your Car Covered:
Well, even if your storage unit is an indoor one, it is advisable to keep your car covered. It is essential to do so because keeping your vehicle uncovered will result in accumulation of dust on it over a considerable amount of time. Also, if you have an outdoor storage space, it is ideal to have a weatherproof cover for your car so that it doesn’t hamper the condition of your vehicle no matter what the weather conditions are.

2.    Clean the Vehicle:
Well, it may seem silly to some to have your car washed before you send it in for vehicle storage. However, it is one important step that you cannot simply overlook. You need to store your vehicle in a completely hygienic way.  Stains, bird droppings, leftovers of food items all need to be gotten rid of before the car goes into storage. These things not only spoil the car externally and also damage the car parts. Make sure that you clean all the wheels as well and get rid of all the mud as it can spoil your car’s tires in the long run.

3.    Change the Oil:
If you are storing your vehicle for a longer period of time, it is essential that you change the engine’s oil. Used engine oil is known to have some contaminants. These contaminants could spoil your vehicle’s engine. So, it is essential that your change the engine oil and only then store your car or vehicle.

4.    Avoid Flat Spots:
Well, if your vehicle is stored in the same position for a considerable amount of time, it is possible that it might develop a flat spot. If you do not store your vehicle properly, it is possible that the tires will develop a permanent flat spot and eventually you will have to discard them. So, it is essential that you remove the wheels and place the car on a jack to avoid this ugly flat tires situation. You can consider taking your vehicle on a small drive while it is in the storage. This will make the vehicle non-stationery for a long time and this will easily avoid the flat spots too.

5.    Keep the Bugs Away:
An empty space could easily be a vacation home for pests and bugs. You do not want to end up opening your vehicle and seeing the rodents partying in it. Well, to avoid this, it is important that you cover any gaps you think pests could enter from.  Spread mothballs, cedar sticks and other such things which will keep the rodents away.  If you still aren’t really convinced, you can lay a couple of mouse traps or rat poison. However, if you do so, ensure that the staff checks your garage regularly. Dead pests can generate strong stenches and your vehicle could be in a complete mess.

Essentially, these are the things you need to do when you need to store your automobile in a vehicle storage space. So, follow these guidelines and make sure that you have a hassle free storage.

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