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17 October 2014

Where to buy packing boxes in Dubai? At The Box, of course!

The Box is proud to provide durable packing supplies that are also cost-effective. If you are wondering where you can purchase packing materials in Dubai, the answer is the same as above.

Our Great value packing supplies provide you a range of packing boxes and other packaging products at nominal prices.

Our unique Storage By The Box service provides something a little special to our clients. Here is how it works:

Step 1: We send you our super-special boxes that are very durable and water resistant. Here are their measurements:

Step 2: We deliver these special boxes to your door-step. As many as you ask for.

Step 3: Take your time to pack the boxes with things you want to put in storage.

Step 4: When you are done packing, call us and schedule a pick-up time.

Step 5: We arrive at your house at the time you chose and take the filled boxes to storage and secure them.

Step 6: If you need your items, call us and we will deliver your box to you within 24-hours.

The Box is your one-shop stop to buying packaging supplies and moving boxes in Dubai. We also provide online selection and ordering of packing material. Add them to your cart now.

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