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19 March 2015

How To Store Your Bikes When There Is Little or No Space Available?

Are you a bike lover but limited space is holding you back from having the coolest bike collection? Are you living in a small home and storage worries for your bikes haunt you? Not now. Because here you will discover some amazing storage ideas for your bikes regardless of space concerns.

Custom made DIY bike storage solution:
The below shown custom made DIY bike storage solution would only require 15 cm of space! And all you need is a simple wooden plaque, some hooks and some screws! The rest you will easily understand when you look at the illustration-

A quickie:
This is perhaps the easiest, yet frees up the floor space in your garage or home with a pole and some handle-bars.

A DIY bike storage made from a pole and hooks:
This is an economical solution which helps you store your entire bike collection utilizing only 3 feet of space!

Your most reliable bike stand:
We love this idea the most because it is extremely cheap. You just need a wooden plank, chop it off and attach it on the wall with a couple of screws to get something like this-

Pretty smart, eh?

If you want to multi-task then this is something you will like:
If you are ready to experiment then perhaps you may have this uber-practical bike storage solution customized for you. It will act as a built-in table slot for working with your laptop, peddling and have a sip of coffee simultaneously! Pretty versatile and cool, eh?

Last but not the least, best use of very little free space outside your house-

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