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13 April 2015

5 Smart Storage Ideas Which Might Deceive Your Eyes

Did you know that March is regarded as National Craft month? It is in this honor of the prestigious National Craft month, we introduce you to the 5 smart storage ideas. These crafty storage ideas are absolutely genius, so don’t miss them!

Let’s start with getting both creative and roomy with the 1st storage idea.

The veiled closet-

You may have watched Narnia and other such movies showing a way through a closet to another world. Well, in the real world it may not be possible. However, what is possible is a bookshelf which veils another room. And this extra room will give you the required extra storage space. Hence, rather than placing a door, get creative and utilize the limited space for a bookshelf as well as for storing your items.

How about cool drawers which provide an elevating-shift?

Not happy reaching the top cabinets? Your issue is solved. Design some step-drawers like above. It will store your heap of belongings and requires very little space.

Have a small garage? Try this trick-

There are a lot of things and your garage space is falling short? Have you thought about using the all empty ceiling? Store all your gears in this easy DIY overhead storage solution.

Forks can be great storage items?

So now you know that forks aren’t just for eating.

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