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13 May 2015

Want To Become A CEO By 30? Follow These 2 Golden Rules

The path to become a CEO may have changed, mainly for tech and internet startups. However, skills you need to become an effective leader remain the same. And therefore, achieving the dream position of CEO at the age of 30 is not impossible when you follow simple rules as discussed in this blog.

Inculcate a team to atone for your inadequacies:

The most seasoned executive also requires a set of people (team) with sane minds. The team plays an important role to remind the leader of core organizational objectives.

For instance, consider Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Mark leads the product development initiatives, while Sheryl is the more business-oriented type. Both complement each other very well with their respective skills. They work coherently to achieve common objective of building and sustaining a successful company.

Similarly, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired a more experienced Eric Schmidt. This enabled them to acquire crucial management depth afore taking the helms themselves.

Vital Tip- While building a team, don’t search for persons exactly like you. Find the one who will round you out, challenging you to grow.

Embrace intellectual humility
Google while hiring keeps this facet at the forefront. It hires people who have the ability to step back when needed and consider the better ideas of others.

Being humble also lets you listen and learn from others and therefore you grow with a wider wisdom and clearer perception.

So, practice intellectual humility, but do not forget to win.

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