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6 April 2016

The Store Age: Getting storage down to a science in the 21st Century

No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. Have you ever heard that? It’s based on the Pauli Exclusion principle – quantum physics, or something like that. Some people understand it, some people don’t – but it affects every one of us.

Derrick’s Law of Movement
Take Derrick. The apartment building he was living in was damaged by fire.  So a few months in a furnished hotel apartment while searching for new accommodation, meant renting out storage. But he didn’t apply the Pauli Exclusion principle. He got just enough room to hold everything. The contents of his one bedroom apartment fit into the storage unit he selected, but he didn’t. That meant moving everything out just to get at the coffee maker at the very back, and again after remembering the toolkit. A daily ritual of box Tetris because he simply didn’t account for the space he’d need to navigate amongst the boxes within the unit. It’s either you or the box. More room = more movement. Science!!

Khalid the Space Cadet
Khalid manages inventory for a small ecommerce outfit. They warehouse some of their catalogue in rented storage units. In an abundance of caution he got 3000 square feet of space when he only needed 1500. Which would be fine if he wasn’t paying for space he didn’t need. Instead of product there was just air. Oxygen. Emptiness. And he doesn’t sell nothing. Yes he overestimated his requirements. Rookie move Khalid. Rookie move. Khalid’s working on his math. He’ll get there.

Cynthia: Queen of the Store Age
Now here’s a smart lady who fully grasps the power of Pauli. Cynthia owns a couple apartments around Dubai, and her latest tenants didn’t want the fully furnished option. She keeps all the furniture in storage so it can be easily accessed either way. When she needs to make a deposit or a withdrawal she has the right amount of room so her staff can walk freely through the unit and drop or pick up what they need. No wasted money, time or space. She carefully thought it through, and got the right sized unit to suit her specific needs. She did her homework. A+ young lady.

Your homework is to use our clever Storage Calculator to specify your requirements, whether it's a modest 25 sq ft. or bulk proportions of 20,000 sq ft. Check it out here. Otherwise, as a guide you'll need between 100 to 150 square feet of space for a heavily furnished one bedroom apartment, and about the same for every 10 desks within an office space. That's it no more hints.

The Final Frontier
Truth is, sometimes you don’t have the time to work it all out and that’s where hiring someone who spends all their time working out space-to-stuff ratios is the best thing ever. The folks at The Box are very, very good at this, so give them a call and get an assessment of what you need and even the best way to situate your items within the unit itself. Suffice it say, they have it down to a science.

Make room for tomorrow, 21st Century stuff.

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