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4 May 2016

Paper to Pixels – Document Management in Dubai

When a city develops as fast as Dubai has, something is bound to get a little left behind, like paperwork. Some of your company’s most valuable assets and most sensitive information are somewhere recorded on a piece of paper. Not only is the effort to go green making paper irrelevant, but a more permanent method of storage has taken over - digital storage. No doubt your company has made the transition, but there’s always the data from the pre-digital age to worry about.

Digitizing documents can be tedious, time consuming and even compromise the safety of your data, so carefully consider how and who does this vital task. This work must be done accurately, so nothing is omitted, and once converted the original hardcopy must to be disposed of securely. Something that also requires a high level of expertise and reliability, especially when there is a large volume of data to consider, as well as adherence to company and government policy.

Finally, you need to ensure that the newly digitized material is completely compatible with your company’s IT specs, is properly backed up and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. The need for experience and expertise on this issue cannot be overemphasized.

Sister company to The Box, Black Box offers comprehensive expertise in document management including storage, file management and indexing, data protection and more.

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