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18 May 2016

The Show Must Go On – Storage for Event Management

Dubai is all about events. Corporate, public, expos, concerts and conventions they all happen here, and the city is a hub for the MENA region. If this is your industry, then pay close attention. 

Whatever your event, everything must be up on time and ready to receive customers. Your logistics service must be on point not only delivering and setting up material, but bringing it to the location in pristine condition.

A comprehensive service means you don’t have to be concerned about the number or size of your materials. From stage lighting to props or even the entire stage itself, find a solution that doesn’t limit how or when you work. A service like this gives your marketing team the time to focus on their core competence, marketing.

The Box gives you bulk storage and our experts manage your daily needs on site, and help with the logistics both in an advisory capacity as well as getting hands-on.

There’s a lot more to what we can do, give us call on 800-THEBOX to find out more or email

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