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1 August 2016

Moving to the United Arab Emirates? 6 ways to do it right

This is the second in a series of moving and storage tips, the first you can see here - a run-down of pre-moving tips when relocating domestically. This list is for those considering a move to another country, and the UAE in particular.

The UAE is a transient place, people come and go, some stay while others never quite adjust and call it quits early into their sojourn. That aside, the country and its cities (primarily Abu Dhabi and Dubai) continue to attract increasing interest and curiosity, which often leads to folks deciding to jump right into desert living. If you're soon to be one of the nomads, consider the following:

1. Don't bring everything...yet. Before you ship all your belongings over land and sea, determine whether your new country really is the place for you and your family. Give it a couple months if necessary, but don't underestimate the cultural shift that takes place under these circumstances. It's a change in language, work culture, schooling, weather and more - so if you need to keep your belongings back home in storage until you're sure of this new land, it might just be worth it. We provide services in several countries across the globe, so explore the site to see if we can help where you are.

2. Stay in a furnished hotel apartment. That's the next consideration. Where can you stay temporarily without any of your belongings on hand? Serviced hotel apartments are common in the UAE and usually fairly affordable. Many employers will put you up for a limited time, but a hotel apartment is a reasonable longer term option, while you adjust to the new surroundings and look for a new place. Plus, you can rent them month-to-month and leave when you're ready with no long term contractual obligations.

3. Never appear desperate or hasty in looking for accommodation. You want to feel settled - totally understandable - but rushing into a new place could mean paying significantly more than the market rate or ending up with less than ideal leasing conditions. Tenancy contracts can vary greatly depending on your landlord, so due diligence is paramount to finding value for money, not to mention a manageable commute to work and/or school. So even if you are desperate, don't let on, play it cool and give yourself as much time to search as possible.

4. Research the real estate market. This is easier said than done, especially in a country you know nothing about. Visit local listing sites or the official industry regulatory body. Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) makes it easier to research accommodation costs by providing the market rate for property across the city. Still, costs and leasing terms can vary widely so the more research you can do the better.

5. If you bring your belongings, you can still store them. If you are hard-pressed and simply need to make a quick move, you can still store your furniture in the new country till you find accommodation. We can definitely help with that. We've got a range of affordable options regarding size and function of storage, so you have choices open to you, including the next point.

6. Have a moving service ready on the ground. Once you've found a place and it’s time to set it up, we can also help. We can store your belongings, move them in and even set up your new home. Our services give you the option of doing it yourself or letting us do it all for you. Let us know your preference and we'll take care of the rest.

Bonus point:
While you can hire agents to do a lot of the immigration legwork for you, and some employers take care of this paperwork, you might find you have to do some of it yourself. Note that much of the essentials (like activating utilities, Internet, mobile plans etc) cannot be done without:
1. A national ID card
2. A local credit card
3. A tenancy contract (which includes getting something called an ejari contract in Dubai).

Get things done in the proper order and it will help the rest to go a little smoother.

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