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1 September 2016

Moving Day

This is the final in a 3 part moving series we've been doing for the past three months. The first was prep for a domestic move, the second was prep for an international move, and this would be relevant for the moving day and the days before and after.

To recap, by now you'd have loaded up on packing supplies - something The Box has in abundance, and it should be noted, specialized supplies fit for purpose like boxes that store clothes on hangers or document containers.

You have done your real estate research and found your new accommodation, mapped out the rooms and put all your vital essentials in one easily accessible box.

The movers are good to go and the family can’t wait to get settled. So what’s next?

Tie up loose ends at the old location – Once everything is moved out, go through the old house and check cupboards, closets or any other place one could forget smaller items, and check if there’s any damage for which you could be liable. Pay off all utility bills and/or apply for a change of status with your energy suppliers. This may vary from place to place but the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), for example, allows you to do quite a few transactions online.

Double-check the new tenancy contract – It’s too late to change anything, but go over it just to make sure you’re clear on all terms and conditions and know all the obligations for tenant and landlord.

Check utilities - Don’t get sideswiped by bills from the previous tenants or owners. Make sure all bills are cleared and that everything is in working order. Also check with cable and Internet providers if they supply service readily to your new area. This is particularly relevant for remote locations and new builds.

Inform security - If you live in a gated community or apartment complex, make sure security personnel know who your movers are and when they’re arriving. If movers show up without proper clearance there could be a long delay or they could get turned back altogether. Also make sure you’re movers know exactly where to go and that there’s parking available. It’s always best if you or someone you trust is present.

Have a floor plan and checklist - Done best before the move, you must have a floor plan on hand so you can easily direct the movers where to put what. A floor plan, especially one done to scale, can save on time and unwanted surprises. Moving day is not when you want to discover that sofa is too big for the den. Your checklist is self-explanatory – ensure all your goods arrive and in good shape.

Meet the neighbors - It’s not just polite, it’s practical. From deliveries, to babysitting or emergencies it’s neighbors can be lifesavers, plus it’s always good to meet the people who make up your new community, and aim to establish contact from early on.

Warm up the house – Now it’s all done, invite over friends and family and have a good time!

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