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2 February 2017

5 Reasons to Go with Professional Storage Solutions Rather than a Cheap Alternative

1. Sand. If you’ve lived in the region for a while you know that sand gets into everything. It’s just a matter of when and where.  No matter how well you store your goods, you can be fairly sure that there will be a fine – or thick – coat of sand layering everything. The Box ensures that your items are properly stored and sand free.

2. Heat. It comes with the package when you live in this part of the world and it can seriously affect or even damage your things. Round-the-clock AC at your residence is impractical and expensive and you still can’t keep an eye on things all the time. However, The Box can. Climate control, regular ‘patrols’ and a variety of packages will keep things cool.

3. Room. How much control do you have over what’s stored with your goods, and how much space you have to store them in? The only thing worse than no room, is just enough to keep your goods with no room to access them properly. That and getting them mixed up with someone else’s. Get your own dedicated room, which we can help you organize for easy access.

4. Security. This is a big one. Whether it’s expensive items or things of sentimental value, you have a right to keep what’s yours. Rest assured that we’ve got 24/7 security, which includes highly trained personnel as well as surveillance technology. Always keep this as a high priority when considering your storage options.

5. Smiles. Never underestimate the power of a friendly face, attentive service and sincere partnerships. We’re really serious about chilling out, and we’re happy to do it with you, while we’re helping you take care of business.

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