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3 March 2009

Fantastic Storage Solution in Dubai – Furniture that can Hide!

The Box, as some of you now know, is actually a storage company in Dubai, UAE. One of the best in the city in fact.
If there is one thing we love, it is without a doubt a storage solution in Dubai that is highly functional, conserves space and is aesthetically pleasing to boot. So we bring to you two brilliant ideas we came across on the web, and which you could probably implement to keep your house or office uncluttered.
Dubai Movers First up, is this Zen-like cardboard bookcase by Eric Guiomar that we found via Boing Boing. Great for book or document storage in Dubai, the bookcase will appeal to anyone with a preference for oriental d├ęcor.
When commissioning or buying a bookcase, try to look for models like these that not only possess decorative appeal but also fluidly integrate with your storage requirements.
Via Toxel, we came across another great idea- the Kulms chairs, created by MisoSoup Design. The chairs are very functional (they stack easily), unusual (made from a single sheet of bamboo plywood) and look great even when stacked together.

Our Dubai movers team have dealt with shifting around all types of furniture. Chairs are always a tad difficult to move if they are not easily stackable and lightweight. While it would be nice for our Dubai moving services if your chairs were easily stackable, it would be infinitely easier on you in case you had to move them about yourself.
The next time you are picking out furniture, think hard about furniture that looks less like furniture and more like a piece of art. But don’t forget, it has to be useful too!
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