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15 March 2012

We provide the storage solutions that fit every budget

A personal storage solution in a city like Dubai is a must for every home. It makes your home a home and helps you keep the clutter away. Sports equipment, old appliances, furniture that is never used, even that old computer that nobody at home uses any more. Giving your home more living and breathing space and dumping goods that need to be stored away in a storage unit.
Here at The Box we take space seriously; this is why are facilities are designed to makes use of every square inch religiously. We at The Box provide personal storage units in various sizes. No more will you need to rent out a large space to store something small for which you had to pay a premium price. Small, Medium and Large are the three sizes that we provide when it comes to personal storage. Their respective areas in square feet are as follows:
· Small : 25 to 50 sqft
· Medium : Up to 100 sqft
· Large : 155sqft +
Apart from storage solutions, we also provide quality logistics in the form of professional packers and movers services in Dubai. Our movers and packers will pack and move all the equipment that you need to store away in a safe and secure manner to our facilities within the city. So contact us today if you need to make some extra living space in your home by visiting:
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